Perfect combination of bagged spring support and the comfort of latex
Product Benefits

• Level of comfort: Intermediary

• Provides perfect alignment for the spine.

• Latex inhibits the proliferation of mites, keeps the temperature always cool and adapts the body shapes perfectly.

• Bagged springs guarantee individualized movement: when one person moves, the other does not feel it. * Bamboo fabric with natural antibacterial properties that offers a fresh and soft touch

• It is registered at Inmetro under number 005656/2014 - OCP 0006

• The bed base can be purchased separately



1,88m x 88cm x 32cm
2,03m x 97cm x 32cm
2,00m x 1,20m x  32cm
1,88m x 1,38m x  32cm
1,98m x 1,58m x  32cm
1,98m x 1,78m x32cm
2,03m x 1,93m x 32cm


Natural latex that keeps the temperature always cool/ Bamboo fabric that has natural antibacterial properties and offers a fresh and soft touch

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