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Born into a family with a tradition in the mattress and furniture trade, brothers Danny and Gisele Sapiro used to play, as children, among foam blocks and rolls of fabric in a small mattress factory founded by their father, Israel.

Time passed and years later, in 1977, the adult brothers were forced to take over their father's business after a fire on the factory premises. Hence the obsession with quality rest was born. Since then, they began to expand the company's business in a consistent and differentiated way, always focused on finding the best solutions for people's comfort and health.

Danny and Gisele transformed a small company into a nationally known brand, which today has 1500 items in its portfolio. On this journey they found a common thread that unites consumers: the desire for comfort, identity and value.

“We explored the continents looking for technological mattresses, unparalleled pillows and unique accessories in Denmark, Belgium, France and China. We refine modern products, infusing exclusive foams with natural materials and improving the features and usability of articles for comfort,” they report.

1997 - Brothers Danny and Gisele take charge of the factory.
2003 - When Danny began to experience unpleasant symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux, the brothers went to great lengths to create a product that would improve his quality of life. A pioneer in this segment, after a long study in partnership with Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo, Theva launched the Anti-reflux Pillow, which improves the quality of life for people who suffer from the effects of gastroesophageal reflux and snoring.
2011 - Unprecedented launch of waterproof protectors with an exclusive touch of comfort.
2011 - Theva is the first Brazilian company to launch vacuum-rolled mattresses.
2012 - The company received operating approval from Anvisa and also began distributing differentiated comfort items such as the Lumbar Pillow and Memogel pillows, equipped with a technology that combines viscoelastic foam with gel particles.
2012 / 2013 - Two new mattresses registered with Anvisa: the Bioelastic Mattress and the Carsoft (France) to serve the most demanding hospitals.
2015 - Launch of the Accessibility Line, which brought more security and freedom to the elderly and people with mobility difficulties.
2017 - Theva moved to the Industrial Park in the city of Jundiaí- SP and expanded production.
2019 - The company entered into a partnership with a Swedish manufacturer to exclusively distribute the Kive-1800 Emergency Sheet to Brazilian hospitals, used to assist in the removal of patients in cases of fires in hospitals.
2023 - The company achieved Anvisa certification for the Comfortgel Cushion, which is now considered a Therapeutic Positioning Support for seats. The item is exclusive to Theva and is the leader in sales and satisfaction in different surveys with specialists, which prove its comfort and well-being.

Theva can't stop thinking about you! We've been studying the magic and science of sleep for years and the more we learn, the more certain we are that a good rest changes everything. We become friendlier, faster and smarter. We became even warmer and more fun. We like to think if we all got a great rest the world would be a lot brighter.

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